Active Iron aims to tackle inadequate nutrient levels around the world.
We improve millions of lives by optimising supplements for common nutritional issues.
What’s different about Active Iron? It’s all about no compromise.

Active Iron is different.

Our non-constipating formula helps reduce gut irritation from iron. Our products are clinically proven to deliver 2X better absorption of iron sulfate⁴, increasing iron levels by 94%⁵ and helping to prevent the common side effects of iron.

Women have been putting up with the side effects of iron for too long.

Our iron supplements utilise a ground-breaking new method of delivering iron. By targeting the natural site of iron absorption in the body, our new system reduces the common side effects women experience from iron supplements. Active Iron was developed by a team of scientists from Trinity College Dublin, Dublin’s premier University. 

How does it work?

Active Iron’s ground-breaking protein formula targets the site where the body naturally absorbs iron, the DMT-1, which increases the amount of iron absorbed. Active Iron is 6X less likely to cause gut irritation⁵ compared to other iron supplements, meaning it’s kind on your stomach.

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